Spin Tees and Spin Frisbees

Does your child have a creative side and a sense of style and design? If so, add Spin Tee’s to your next party. Participants design their own tees and bring their creativity to life at the switch of a button. This party allows your child and their friends to make unique one of a kind works of art that they can wear, being the most stylish kids around. Each child gets to drop various colours of paint onto their shirts and watch the magic happen as the design spreads out and comes to life. All shirts will be dry by the end of the party and kids can walk out with them, showing off their own beautiful design.

Recommended age : 5 years and up

Add Spin Tee’s to any party:  $8 per shirt for 10 or more or $12 per shirt for 9 or less

Add Spin Flyers to any party:  $6 per flyer for 10 or more or $8 per flyer for 9 or less

Please note: An additional host is required if you have more that 15 kids for a 1.5 hour party, or 20 kids for a 2 hour party.

Add an Second host: $90

Check out some of our cool designs!!!