Clearance Loot Bags

B92- $6.00 Now $4 Only 6 left
My Busy Books.
Includes book, 12 figurines and play mat.
Assorted titles include Cars, Incredibles, Blaze and Lion King

G108- $6.00 NOW $4.00 Only 2 left
My Busy Books.
Includes story book, 12 figurines and a play mat.  Assorted titles include Frozen, and Disney Princess

U77- $5.00 NOW $4.00 only 36 left
Wuggle Pets Animal key chain stuffing kit. Assorted animals!

B88- $5.75 NOW $4.75 Only 16 left
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Card Game

G96- $5.00 NOW $3.00 Only 10 left
Glow picture Art and Glitter Tattoos

B27-$5.00 NOW $3.00 only 18 left
Soccer Frame, Soccer, Clock, and a lanyard

Operation- NOW $3.00 Only 5 left
Surgery game and Magic grow animal capsules

Sand Art- NOW $3.00 SOLD OUT
Sand art craft with space picture and Finger lights

G106- $525 NOW $3.00 Only 5 left

5,000 beads for bracelets and necklaces

Princess Pen- NOW $3.00 Only 36 left

Giant Princess pen, Scented nail polish, and a hair accessory(assorted)

G15-$5.00 NOW $3.00 only 11 left

Tutu, princess wand, and scented nail polish

More coming soon!!