Gender Neutral Lootbags

Custom Photo Cookie with a Paint Your Own edible paint pallet.
Picture and colours can be customized to your theme.
$6 each.  Minimum 12

Custom Photo Cookies.
$45/dozen or $3.75 in a loot bag

**NEW** Custom Printed Candy Kabobs!!
$5 each with your custom image on every marshmallow.

U93- $5.25 NEW!!
20 piece under water themed puzzle and a plush toy (assorted)

U91- $5.50
Four in a row game, ring pop, and 3 high bounce balls.

U71- $5.50
Tumbling Wood Block Tower, Smiley ball, mini slinky

U92 – $6.00
Tabletop finger game (comes with one of the assorted: basketball bounce, sandbag shooting, coin bouncing, or forced route)
Fidget pop tube, and  Water snake.

U90- $5.50
Magic Fun Space ball

Melissa and Doug Color

U72- $6.00
Melissa and Doug Color Blast- Magic Water Colouring Pad

Melissa and Doug Pop-Up

U73 – $6.00
Melissa and Doug Pop-Up Posters
Includes 8 Fold-Out 3-D Posters

Whiteboard with 3d Design
Whiteboard with 3D design, 3 hi-bounce balls, and Monster Boppers

B93- $5.00
Melissa and Doug  Over 100 Kid friendly Temporary tattoos with a candy

G111- $5.00
Melissa and Doug over 100 Kid Friendly Temporary Tattoos with a candy